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Go beyond plant-based.

OsomeFood goes beyond plant-based, and aims to guarantee nutrition in today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Through innovating new science and methods of encapsulating nutrients and creating health boosting functional food, we have designed the best food alternatives using mycoprotein, macroalgae, and plant-based super ingredients.

The world's first nutrition focused, plant-based functional food

Harnessing the combined powers of superfood ingredients without messing with their natural benefits, we create ingredients that are clean, maximised with nutritional values and allow optimal absorption by your body. In turn, what you consume becomes supercharged to heal and treat your body.

What Do You Need to Know?

We create functional food to enhance immune function, improve gut health and reduce inflammation and amongst other benefits for your body. Importantly, we want to create products that are easily integrated into everyone's daily meal, and have long-term positive impact on your health as well as the planet


Minced Meat Series

Product Specification

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